One Hundred in 2016

100 in 2016I have loved to read for a long time. I can remember one summer when I was young, my mom told me she would give me $1 for every book that I read. I crawled up into my tree and I read seven books that summer. I got $7. I thought I was rich. I know some of you do not think that that was a lot of books. But, for me it was the most books I had ever read in a summer. That started me on a journey for which I am forever grateful!

I have made a personal goal of reading 100 books in the year 2016. It is my plan to post a brief review of all of them here.

I am using Tim Challies Reading Challenge (you can read more about that here). Which has already proven to be most helpful.

I am also going on record to let you know that I am counting everything – big books, small books, books written for children (but not Good Night Moon, although I have already read that about 100 times).

Here is to a year full of many books and many words!

Mom, is the offer still good?


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