#1 – A Book About Productivity

100 in 2016do more betterDo More Better by Tim Challies

What better way to begin an great undertaking like reading 100 books than by reading a book on productivity.

Several months ago, Tim Challies wrote a series of blog posts on productivity. I read these with much eagerness. I am not the most organized person in the world (or the most disciplined!), although I am trying. I have five, almost six, people who need me to be very organized.

That’s right. I have four children with one on the way. If you are asking who the seventh person is you would be safe to assume that it is my wife (she is great and we are working together on our structures and systems as much as we can while living in the middle of a rabbit hole – pay attention to the second sentence). My young family is great. I want to spend time with them. Therefore, I need to be organized so that I can get everything done that I need to get done, plus be able to hunt dragons, play ice ball freeze tag, wrestle, build Lego, watch the sound of Music, read stories, tell stories, officiate backyard olympics, drink coffee, train Jedi, and much much more. Believe me there is more!

There are four areas that this book was helpful in helping clean up: 1 – information, 2 – scheduling, 3 – task management and 4- communication. He provides some tools that you can download for free. You do not have to use his system, but I think that he provides a helpful starting point for you to take and make your own.

The simple principles of “Like goes with like,” and “Everything has a home,” are not only effective for these three areas, but also for all of life. I am still trying to find a home for everything in my house!

This book was a good reminder to set goals, and to only take on projects within my areas of responsibility.

This is a worthy read for anyone looking to organize a few areas in their life.

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