# 2 – A Book about Christian Living

100 in 2016TThe Story of Everythinghe Story of Everything by Jared C. Wilson

Over the last couple of years, Jared C. Wilson has become a favorite author of mine. He writes books, maintains a helpful blog, and has one of the funniest/insightful/interesting twitter feeds in the twitterverse.

He was a pastor in New England who recently accepted a job at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He loves the church. He loves Christ. He loves life. That is evident in his writing. I picked up his newest book because I knew it would enjoyable and insightful (and I knew it would make me laugh). Wilson didn’t disappoint.

Sometimes it seems like things in life are minor – like they don’t mean a whole lot when it comes down to it. We tend to look past those things to the really big things in this life. We want to live in the big moments or the big decisions. But, how would your life be different if everything in it has real purpose? Everything in your life fits into God’s plan for the world. Where you work, how you work, where you live, how you play, or what kind of relationships you have, they all have meaning. They all fit into God’s plan.

God’s ultimate plan is to make all things new, to redeem all things. God has made us to enjoy him, enjoy life, and look forward to the time when he will make all things new. He has a plan for everything.

Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through this life with no sense of purpose or with no cohesive plot line? Pick up this book and take a fresh look at (as the subtitle says) how you, your pets, and the Swiss Alps fit into God’s plan for the world.



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