#3 – A book with 100 pages or less

100 in 2016William Tell Told AgainWilliam Tell Told Again
by P. G. Wodehouse

I have heard for years that I need to read something by P. G. Wodehouse. I had never heard of him. I figured he must be good, because he like many great writers only uses his initials in his name. How do you even pronounce his last name. You should check it out here to save yourself some embarrassment just in case you find yourself in a conversation with a serious Wodehouse fan.

This is a short little book (weighing in at 92 pages) that is a retelling of the famous Swiss folk hero William Tell.  This is my first taste of Wodehouse and I do believe that I will be going back for more. Though this book is a dabbling in children’s literature, it has some fantastic prose that adults will enjoy.

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