#4 – a book you own but have never read

100 in 2016How_the_Irish_Saved_CivilizationHow the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill

This book has sat on my shelf for close to 8 years. I have been fascinated with the idea of reading it, but I have never taken the time to actually read it.

Well, I finally read it.

If you like history, you are going to love this. If you don’t like history, read these next few sentences and be thankful for the Irish beyond C. S. Lewis, Liam Neeson, and U2.

While, the continent of Europe was under siege and burning after the fall of the Roman Empire, monks in the small island country of Ireland were busy preserving the great writings of Western civilization. Greek and Latin classics were copied an preserved along with the Bible in monasteries all over the island. When the main continent of Europe calmed down, the Irish helped to replant the classical culture that was almost lost.

Though the subject matter of the book may seem dense, the writing style of Cahill makes for a quite exciting read. The sections about St. Patrick are well worth the price of the book. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, checking out this book could be a way to help you to appreciate St. Patrick for who he was rather than using him as an excuse to wear green and search for Leprechauns.

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