#5 – a book about Star Wars

100 in 2016Star Wars Before the AwakeningBefore the Awakening by Greg Rucka

For three years, I anticipated the release of Star Wars Episode VII (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

I read blogs and articles, devised theories, and took my kids to buy toys on Force Friday (okay I bought some toys too). When the movie came out, my wife told me that I had to see the movie before we decided if our six year old son could see the movie being that it was rated PG-13. So, I had to take one for the team and see the movie on opening night. My cousin and I were among the first hundred or so to line-up around 5:45pm for the 7:00pm midgnight show (go figure).

I loved the movie. I loved the new characters. I loved catching up with the old characters. I loved the experience.

A few days later, I took our son and enjoyed watching him enjoy it. So when I found this little book at Wal-mart stashed among half a million or so Star Wars coloring books, Little Golden Books, I-Can-Read Books, special anthology, Star Wars Art books, Star WArs cookbooks (ok i am kidding about the cook books, but I bet they are out their somewhere), I picked it up. The three new characters Rey, Finn, and Poe were great, so naturally I wanted to know what was happening with them before the events of the movie.

This book is broken up into three sections with each character taking the lead in a section. The story snippets take place days, weeks, and even years before the actual events of the movie. While the stories may not go into great depth, I do know a little more about the characters than before. Although these tidbits of information may not be able to tide me over until Episode VIII, they will help.

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  1. So a Star Wars cook book should include that instant bread that Rey made and the blue milk that Aunt Beru poured in A New Hope, the sausage-like things that Luke brought with him to Dagoba, and the Yoda soup. One thing that should not be in the book is the Ewok barbecue consisting of unprepared people and one large, hairy Wookie roasted slowly on giant spits.

    But it would be cool if they could show how to make the the flying Anakin apples.

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