#8 – a book with a one word title

Sackett Sackett by Louis L’amour

Having never read a Louis L’amour western, I picked up The Daybreakers and was carried away to a time ruled by men with guns riding horses. Orrin and Tyrel Sackett ride out west for a new beginning. In this book, there are several mentions of their older brother William “Tell” Sackett. Tell’s story is told from his point of view in Sackett.

I began looking for a way to read the follow-up book to The Daybreakers and have it count toward my 100 in 2016. The category a book with a one word title was perfect for Sackett. 

Tell Sackett is a Union Army vet from Tennessee who moves out west. He is tough on the outside and has a strong moral compass. Tell Sackett is a man of peace, like the other Sacketts. It takes a lot to rile him up, but if you do it will be the last mistake that you ever make. His story is one of gold, gunfights, and as he says having “something that was really mine.”

Sackett is short enough to be enjoyed in a day. I would pay Tell Sackett a visit if you needa quick visit to the wild west.

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