#12 – a book for homeschool

100 in 2016

No Children No PetsNo Chidren, No Pets by Marion Holland

One of my great thrills in life is being able to read to my children. I am hoping that my children like it, too. So far they do.

Our oldest son is homeschooled this year, and our curriculum is heavy on reading aloud. This is great it gives us structure to sit down and read through a variety of different books. If it would up to me I would read Narnia again and again. Which would not be a bad thing, but we would miss little gems like this one.

This book follows Jane her brother Don, and their four yer old sister Betsy along with their mom to Florida because they inherited an apartment complex there. Their first impression of the place is a sign that says, “No Children. No Pets.” This is rather unfortunate since they also brought along their cat, Victoria.

The children mostly try to stay out of the way of the senior tenants who they believe do not want them around. The children have a few adventures and try fix what is broken around the apartment. Along the way they make several friends and even solve a few mysteries that have been lingering around the apartment for a while.

This is a wholesome story that you could read with your family.  It reminds me a little of The Boxcar Children, which is also worth your time.



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