Haiku Tuesday: Thursday Edition 3/31/16 – Romantic Comedies

Just for fun

This week, we have a new write that joins our ranks. His name is Parks Collins. We are glad to have him. Make him feel welcome.

Hugh Grant is the best
for romantic comedies
Notting Hill, et al.

by Chris Johnston


Jenny from the block
plans a wedding, wrecks a home.
Boycott her music.

by Parks Collins


RomCom plot line pitch:
Keanu woos his new Mac
by punching windows.

by Jared Bowman


Central Park Jackets
can be serendipitous
during light snowfall

by Parks Collins


If you need a laugh
and you’re looking for “the one,”
Netflix, here we come

by Chris Johnston


Love in the time of
Cholera. Phone numbers in
books lead to “the one.”

by Mark T. Collins


Love in the time of
cell phones. So many new apps.
Which way do I swipe?

by Jared Bowman


You’ve got “Seattle
Mail versus Sleepless Joe
Volcano” movie.

by Mark T. Collins


The McConaissance
Interstellar made up for
Matt’s failure to launch.

by Jared Bowman


It was love at first…
Sight was a bit challenging
for they were both blind.

by Justin Brock


Five Men together
writing about romance, now
that’s a comedy

by Jared Bowman



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