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Haiku Tuesday: Parasites (5/10/16)

Five guys and some lines return with the theme of "Parsites." Enjoy! Intestinal worms A top tier weight loss program Not without drawbacks by Jared Bowman   It's a true story I went to the vet today My dog has heart worms by Justin Brock   Once in Mexico I spent four day throwing up... Continue Reading →

Haiku Tuesday 5/3/16 – Seasonal Allergies

You and I both love seasonal allergies. What do the Haiku Bros. think? Chris Pollen and ragweed Lawn mowers and weed eaters Don't get me started   Jared The Pollen returns Scratchy eyes, stuffy noses Whose idea was this?   Justin Snot, snot, snot, snot, snot I love the change of seasons But my nose... Continue Reading →

Haiku Tuesday 4/27/16 – Mark Twain

The guys weigh in with haiku on the late, great Mark Twain: Jared Let's paint some fences Or maybe you'll paint the fences It sure seems like fun   Mark Mark Twain wrote stories Then Mark Twain grew a mustache. His mustache wrote more.   Chris Mark Twain's pseudonym Was Philip P. Castlerock No one's... Continue Reading →

Haiku Tuesday 4/5/16 – Ladders and/or Lasers

Today's theme was proposed by Chris Johnston. It was a tough one, but the guys pulled through for some quality haiku. I now give you 5 gentlemen and Some Syllables.   Ladders can be tall Yao Ming prefers red lasers Humans can be tall by Parks Collins   Businessmen wear suits Climbing corporate ladders All... Continue Reading →

Ella Toe Head

Ella Toe Head On a morning just like any other morning, Ella woke up an got out of bed. She looked in the mirror and screamed! “AHHH! When did I grow toes on my head?” Ella made her way downstairs. Her mother walked past her and didn’t think twice as she smiled at her daughter and... Continue Reading →

Haiku Tuesday: Thursday Edition 3/31/16 – Romantic Comedies

This week, we have a new write that joins our ranks. His name is Parks Collins. We are glad to have him. Make him feel welcome. Hugh Grant is the best for romantic comedies Notting Hill, et al. by Chris Johnston   Jenny from the block plans a wedding, wrecks a home. Boycott her music.... Continue Reading →

Haiku Tuesday 3-15-16: Space Travel

I now present to you, Haiku Tuesday: Space Travel Reaching for the stars Vast expanse, great adventure Not many rest stops... by Jared Bowman We settled on Mars Santa's commute got longer NASA - naughty list by Jared Bowman I often wonder Do you get overtime to rescue Matt Damon? by Jared Bowman Space travel... Continue Reading →

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