Joy in the Journey

This fall, I read through the Hobbit with 11 other people.  We met at my house.  We read the story out loud. We laughed, we sang, we scratched our heads, we ate, we played. It was refreshing.

On Monday nights for an average of an hour and a half we used our imagination as we delved into Middle earth, guided by the pen and wit of Tolkein. It was a welcome break from the busyness taht can sometimes swallow us in the daily grind.  Our little journey was quite like the journey of the dwarves and Bilbo Baggins that Tolkein penned in 1937.  As the weeks went by, the group slowly got to know one another.  Their personalities began to emerge.  They begin to fit together as a group.  I watched them gather outside of my home for other events. It was really cool to watch and to be a part of this little adventure.

What I learned from the Hobbit Book club:
1. The Hobbit is a great story
2. Reading the Hobbit is really fun
3. Reading the Hobbit out loud is a lot more fun
4. Trying to sing all of the songs in the book can be a difficult task
5. Tolkein is pretty much a genius
6. By the middle of the story Dwalin really comes into his own
7. The Shire would be a desirable location to live if your residence was Bag End
8. Spending time with real people is way better than facebook
9. Watching teenagers and 20-somethings interacting with your kids is awesome

I am writing this on Monday night when I would have been preparing for the book club. The adventure is over for now. I guess this is how Bilbo felt when he got back to his hole in the ground. He had his gold and he had his memories.

I don’t have gold, but I won’t forget our little adventure. Thanks guys.


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