A Mother’s Day Prayer

IrisOur Father, God, creator of all things.  We praise you for all things and in all things.  We especially praise you and thank you today for mothers.  On a day that has been set aside to honor our mothers we lift up prayers of petition on behalf of mothers.

We pray for new mothers who are coming to terms with new responsibilities.  Give them strength to rely on you.

We pray for expectant mothers who are wondering and waiting.  Give them the ability to trust in you.

We pray for mothers who are tired, stressed, or depressed.  Give them the endurance to serve you as they serve their families.

We pray for mothers who are struggling to balance the tasks of work and family.  Give them the perseverance that they need to glorify you in the home and the workplace.

We pray for mothers who are raising children on their own.  Remind them and teach them that you alone are our help.  Help us all to realize that God’s help can come from his body, the church. Let us as a church rise up and help these mothers.

We pray for mothers who have lost children.  Give them the comfort and support that they need in times of darkness and despair.  May their hope be in you.

We pray for mothers who have adopted children. Give them the ability to love these children as you have loved us and adopted us as your children.

We pray for those who care for the children of others as childcare providers or foster mothers. We thank you that they have dedicated themselves to loving and providing care.

We pray for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.  Give them the opportunities to serve as mothers in the Lord for those who are in need. Fulfill their desires.

Bless all mothers that their love may be deep, tender, and reflective of your love. Strengthen them and equip them that they may lead their children to know you and follow after your ways.

In Christ Name We pray


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