New Music: The Burning Edge of Dawn by Andrew Peterson

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The Burning Edge of Dawn

In the summer of 2000, I first heard Andrew Peterson when I listened to his second album, Carried Along. In 2002, I first saw Andrew Peterson in concert not long after his third album, Clear to Venus, was released. Joined by Laura Story and Gabe Scott, he opened that concert with “Land of My Sojourn” by Rich Mullins from his A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band. I had just finished a biography about Rich Mullins. At the same time, I had also discover and I was in the middle of completed my Rich Mullins CD collection.

Andrew Peterson’s music and storytelling struck a chord with me then and it still does now. So, when I hear that he is releasing a new album I immediately pre-order it. The Burning Edge of Dawn is Andrew Peterson’s first full length album since 2012.

I have been listening to three of the songs from the album since early September, and I have had a quick listen through the album this morning since the full download was available. His thoughtful lyrics have already encouraged me.

While I am sure that all of these songs will be my favorite at one point or another, here are a few tracks that have grabbed me so far.

#3 “We Will Survive” – We have all been in a place of cloudy uncertainty. In those times, we need someone to remind us of God’s goodness – to tell us the story we need to hear. We need a voice of clarity to call out above the many voices within us and tell us ” there is nothing left to fear and nothing left to hide.” We all need someone to look us “in the eye and say we will survive.”

#8 “Be Kind to Yourself” – This is a song that he wrote for his daughter. An encouragement for us all to be kind to ourselves, even “when the voices in your mind are anything but kind.” While the love from a father for his daughter shines through, the message of God’s love for his children is crystal clear.

#10 “The Sower’s Song” – This is a powerful song from Isaiah 55 and John 15 with images of God as a gardener who will bring about his purposes.

I am looking forward to many more listens through this album. Listen, download, and buy this album here

Also read Andrew Peterson’s interview at the Gospel Coalition here


Light for the Lost Boy by Andrew Peterson

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In the summer after I graduated high school, I worked as an intern for my church.  One of my duties was to clean out the youth closet (The interns that we have now still clean out the youth closet every summer.  It was such a theological experience, I feel like it should continue).

There was all kinds of stuff in that closet: old t-shirts, old pictures, old food, and other old stuff that got tossed out to the garbage.  There was always lots of cool things to get into.  There were lots of cassette tapes and CD’s that had been ordered through a company that sent youth pastor’s the latest and greatest CDs.  While I was organizing the CDs, I would often have a listen.  Some of them were really bad.  I still wonder how they ever got a record contract.  Others were good and worth keeping.  A few were gems – diamonds in the rough.  It was during one of these times of cleaning out the closet that I discovered Andrew Peterson.  I loved his music immediately.  It was around this time that I was also remembering Rich Mullins.  I had listened to him as a middle school student, but all I really knew was “Awesome God” and “Step by Step.”  I found A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band and I wondered why no one told me to listen to it before. I was reading/had read/was about to read (can’t remember the order) An Arrow Pointing to Heaven by James Bryan Smith, a devotional biography about the life of Rich Mullins.

When I went to college, I found some like-minded Andrew Peterson fans.  We discovered that he was playing a concert close to the school.  So, we went.  I hadn’t really listened to his stuff that much since that first CD. But, seeing him in concert made me realized what I had missed.  I was hooked again. Plus, he opened with “Land of my Sojourn” by Rich Mullins.

Needless to say, from that moment, I began to purchase every album that Andrew Peterson put out.  He shot straight to the top of my “purchase before preview” artist list (this includes only U2, Coldplay, Andrew Peterson, and new edition Needtobreathe).  I have listened to all of his albums again and again. Some of his songs are my all time favorites. A lot of his stuff can be found here.

Recently, Andrew Peterson put out another album called Light for the Lost Boy.  I think this could be his best one yet.  The lyrics are as good as ever, the music is superb, and there is no song on the album that is not good (I don’t think I have skipped over one song to get to another – that’s saying something considering the way I usually listen to albums).

The album has ten tracks – you will love each one. You can purchase the album here. You can download it, purchase the actual album, or you can purchase a deluxe 2 disc album.  If you have $20 I would recommend the deluxe version.  The second CD is an acoustic version of Light for the Lost Boy. It also includes a booklet about the making of the album.  This adds a little bit more flavor as you are listening through the album.

I hope you enjoy.