The Noises That Boyses Make

“Be on your best behavior,”
I said to my boys.
“Our guest will soon be here.
Absolutely no noise!”

DING DONG! Someone’s at the front door
“She’s here,” I say.
“Our neighbor, Mrs. Greeley.
Run along. Be quiet. Go play.”

The boys ran off to the back room.
They listened to me!
“Mrs. Greeley, come in. Welcome.”
We sit down. I offer her tea.

The conversation is nice.
I don’t hear a noise.
Until a THUD, and a YELP,
Followed by SCREAMS from both boys.

I rush down the hall to check it out.
Fling open the door,
I find nothing was wrong, but
An action figure fight right there on the floor.

I shot them a look as best I could
To quiet them down.
I return to Mrs. Greeley.
We chat again with no sound.

Mrs. Greeley looked at me and asked,
“What was that noise?”
I was embarrassed to say,
“That’s my two little boys.”

She raised her head and lowered her voice,
“Are they always loud?”
I nodded my head and said,
“At least I can find them in a crowd.”

Mrs. Greeley laughed and patted my back,
“Don’t worry my dear,
I had two boys myself.
And, look at me I’m still here.”

“Really?” I asked. Feeling some hope.
“When does it end?”
She chuckled out loud and said,
“As soon as the next noise begins!”

“I know you don’t want to hear it,
Might make your heart ache,
But please let me tell you
Some of the noises that boyses make.”

“There’s a REVVING of and engine.
A fire truck WAIL.
A RUMBLE in the tummy
SHEW! What’s that smell?

There is the SHRILL of a whistle.
A lion will RAWR!
The SQUEAL of excitement
At a spider on the floor.

There’s the WHIZZ of an airplane.
The MOO of a cow.
The HUM of a new tune
Picked up somewhere, somehow.

The PATTER of feet down the hall.
A STOMP on the floor.
To go with asking for more.

You better look behind you.
A monster GROWLS.
Hunched down to attack
With a SPUTTERING scowl.

CLINK-CLANK goes a spoon in a bowl.
One milky SLURP.
A satisfied MMMM MMMM!
Followed closely by a huge…YAWN!

SQUIRT and toothpaste is all ‘round the sink.
The bristles go SWISH
Back and forth then a GURGLY throat.
Wash it all down with one giant SPLISH.

Fill up the tub – SPLASH – you’re all wet!
PLOOP PLOP bubbles appear
With a big giggly smile.
Did they come from here or here?

There is LAUGHTER at a bad joke
And TEARS in the night.
A SIGH of relief
When MAMA comes in sight.

All snug in bed, wrapped up in calm
Such a peaceful sight
When all of a sudden your pulled in close
For a whisper, GOODNIGHT.

There sure are lots and lots of noises
That boyses will make.
Some can wear you down thin
Make you groan, grunt, and shake.

But, I say let them make noises
Again and again.
You will miss those boys noises
When they grow into young men.”

Mark T. Collins
Written for my wife who has four little boys and one on the way
All Rights Reserved.

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